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You could say I grew up in a non-traditional home because we went to church every Sunday and my parents were married for over 50 years!

Both my brother and I have followed their lead. We took our families to church every Sunday and stayed with the wife of our youth for over 50 years.

The lovely lady I married went home to be with the Lord 52 years and 4 months after we were married. Her pastor married us in a traditional church ceremony in Longmont, Colorado and our reception took place in the church basement.

Life for us and now for me alone has taken many interesting turns. I grew up in a parsonage, served as a missionary in Africa and was a Christian pastor. I have traveled the world, ventured into a variety of publishing opportunities including the writing of a weekly newspaper column, publishing my own paper and training new publishers. I host a weekly radio show, read voraciously, speak authoritatively, and write daily.

For most of my life my wife was my friend, lover and partner. Her loss in December, 2015 was devastating yet it has motivated me to write, speak, and teach about the importance of marriage and the beauty and wonder of a life-long marriage.

I live in Colorado, have three grown children 4 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.


Ronald D. S. Ross, B.A., M.Div., D.Min.



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Seven Assumptions about Marriage.  Available on in digital or print format.

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Keep Mama Happy.
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Confidence When You Need it the Most.
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How to Record Your Family History: A practical guide to capture and preserve your family legacy.
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