Podcast 026 – Bad Marriage Advice: Be Brutally Honest with Each Other

“Be honest, brutally honest. That is what’s going to maintain relationships.” This “bad marriage advice” quote is attributed to Lauryn Hill, a singer/songwriter.

I want to ask Ms. Hill a couple of questions: Which do you enjoy the most, Ms. Hill, the brutality or the honesty? Also, Ms. Hill, when you’re on the receiving end of brutal honesty, which draws you closer to your critic, the brutality, their ruthlessness, and harshness, or is it their honesty?

In most marriage relationships, most of the time, brutal honesty is NOT a good idea.

When you are brutal, it means you are cruel, course, and ferocious. Those are the words we use to describe a lion’s attack on a young antelope or an organized dogfight.

People who are brutally honest are out to hurt not heal, to punish not pardon, and to polarize not harmonize. And they practice their art under the guise of being honest.

Listen to Dr. Ross’ insights concerning this bad marriage advice. The podcast is less than 9-minutes long.