Podcast 027 – Bad Marriage Advice: Always Follow Your Heart

By Ron Ross

Your emotions are volatile!

“My heart skipped a beat when she entered the room!” Ecstasy.

“When he turned away and left me standing on the beach by myself, my heart was broken.” Despair.

Both are matters of the heart! They are how you feel: your immediate reaction to a person, a comment, or an event.

You can feel madly in love after a weekend of relaxation, conversation, and lovemaking, but by Tuesday you can be back to the grind of surviving another day with “the old lady,” or another night with “Beer-belly Bubba.”

When someone tells you to “always follow your heart,” thank them for their kind words, but don’t take their advice. Here’s why: Your emotions are not trustworthy.

But that’s not the end of the story. Listen to Dr. Ross as he gives you some warnings and some very good news about your heart!