Podcast 030 – Bad Marriage Advice: Don’t Fight About Money

By Ron Ross

Of all the things in life, there is nothing easier to fight about than money. Why? Because money is an integral part of your daily life. No day passes without the spending of money in one way or another. It can be something as important as the rent or a car payment, or something as insignificant as a candy bar at the check-out counter or a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Every time you spend or save money you touch yourself at a deep emotional level.

Each of you has a unique “money personality:” you are either primarily a spender or a saver, and neither position is right, and neither is wrong. However, both positions can become abusive and can also become a source of perpetual conflict if not defined, understood, and moderated by you and your mate.

In this Podcast, Dr. Ross encourages you to learn to make mutually agreeable emotionally healthy financial decisions – together – respecting each other’s money personality. He suggests you go ahead and have your disagreements about money, but never stop seeking ways to compromise, ways to get along, ways that make each other happy.