Podcast 031 – Bad Marriage Advice: Always Tell the Truth

Is it a good idea to “always tell the truth” to your mate? Some marriage advisors say so, and as a rule, honesty is the best policy. However, you should no more become a blatant liar than a blatant truth teller. After all, you hate it when someone tells you something about you or about someone you love that you don’t want to know or need to know.

In this Podcast, Dr. Ross discusses the issue of white lies as well as the wisdom to keep quiet about some things you have done or said in the past.

The conversations you have with your mate should bring you together, not divide you. Too much truth, such as what you did while dating in college, is likely to cause discord and suspicion rather than harmony and trust.

Dr. Ross also warns of the danger that those little white lies that seem so innocent can become big deceptive words and deeds that harm your relationship. You don’t want that to happen.

Your best choice concerning white lies, as opposed to blatant honesty, is to make sure whatever happens between you and your mate brings you closer together not divides you.

The podcast is 7 minutes long.