Podcast 032 – Bad Marriage advice: Your Mate Should be your Best Friend

The “best friend” status is hard to define because men and women are different, in case you haven’t noticed.

Husband, your wife is not one of the guys. She’s not your substitute fraternity brother or your regular fishing buddy. She’s not your mentor or your counselor or your advice-giver. She’s a woman who has and needs girlfriends, and she’s your wife.

And wife, your husband is not one of the girls. He’s not your giddy girlfriend or your shopping partner. He probably won’t enjoy long conversations about almost anything or enjoy knowing all the secrets of your girlfriends. He’s a man who has and needs guy friends, and he’s your husband.

In this podcast, Dr. Ross agrees that you and your mate should be best friends. However, in light of the way God wired men and women differently, he puts the friendship issue in perspective.