Too many people mistakenly assume marriage is a “meet in the middle” proposition, an arrangement in which two people fulfill their half of a “bargain,” relying on the other to do his or her part, as well.  Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

If marriage were a business arrangement, then such a process just might work.  But it’s not.  Nor would we want it to be.

A business contract is a cold impersonal agreement made with the presumption that each party might fail to fulfill his responsibilities if not for a legally binding pact.  It is a loveless pledge which bears no resemblance to the covenant made between two people who have vowed to “have and to hold” through every trial of life.

If a couple endeavors to found a marriage upon such terms, it will be a bitter ordeal, and they will seek to end it long before their fulfillment of the vow “til death do us part.”

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