Heartfelt Marriage Podcast 044

Nothing shuts down a person quicker than ill-health. The body aches, the head throbs, the stomach swirls, the throat burns, the knees buckle, and life gets smaller and smaller as the pain gets greater and greater.

When it comes to physical ill-health, we respond with the most efficient and most effective cure possible. But when it comes to the pain and injury that often arise within marriage relationships, what do we do?

We suffer in silence or scream and rant. We bury it deep or bring it up often. We sleep in the same bed, but back to back. We take separate vacations, ignore each other’s cry, avoid eye contact, deceive, deride, and even destroy the other’s ego.

It’s all pain, all sorrow, all sickness of soul and all too often ignored. Doesn’t have to be that way, you know. For sure, Dr. Ross does not believe it should be that way. He believes you want and you can have a healthy marriage.

This 10-minute podcast his the first of a series of messages designed to help you fight off relational diseases and create happy and healthy relationships.