Podcast 023: “Then it hit me – this isn’t the worst pain I’ve ever felt!”

By Dr. Ron Ross

By 8:00 pm that night the pain around my heart had increased substantially. I figured it was one of those gas bubbles created by the extra-bacon BLT I made myself a few hours earlier.

Problem was, it kept getting worse. I changed sitting positions, swallowed some antacids, took a short walk, drank a couple of glasses of lukewarm water, and more. No relief, so I took a couple of more antacids and drank another glass of water. Put on my PJs and watched some TV.

Problem was, it kept getting worse.

When you’re married, there are a variety of pains you encounter – some are physical, and some are emotional. In this podcast, Dr. Ross talks about a recent trip to the ER. He went that night because he thought he was having a heart attack. Hear his story and explanation of how the pain he felt in his chest wasn’t as bad as the pain he still feels in his heart.