Podcast 020: Three Kinds of Marriage Part 1

“Three Kinds of Marriage” is a presentation Dr. Ross made at Southeast Christian Church in Parker, Colorado. This podcast is part one of that presentation, “a blaming marriage.”

You will know you have a blaming marriage if most of your disagreements and battles begin or end with, “If only….”

• Our marriage would be better if only … Finish the sentence.

• Our sex life would be more frequent if only … Finish the sentence.

• Our finances would improve if he would only … Finish the sentence.

• Our kids would get better grades if only the teachers would … Finish the sentence.

• I would have gotten that promotion at work if only my boss … Finish the sentence.

Lots of times these “if onlys” have a measure of truth in them, but most of the time they are excuses for our own missteps, our own bad attitudes, our own blunders.

Blaming marriages are not happy marriages. You want a happy marriage, right? Then listen to this podcast; it is less than ten minutes long.