Heartfelt Marriage Podcast 094

Posted on May 12, 2019

By Ron Ross

Dr. Ross has prepared for you a checklist that reveals how you can have a healthy, long-lasting marriage. Download the pdf and print out the list and you can fill in the blanks as you listen to Dr. Ross briefly discuss each item in Heartfelt Marriage Podcast 094.

CLICK HERE to Download the PDF Checklist

1. You _________ and ___________ each other more and more as time goes by

2. You are _________________ by each other as you explore each other’s depth of character

3. You are good at _____________ and ______________ forward conversation

4. You are each other’s best ____________ ____________

5. You share with ________________ the variety of ______________ responsibilities

6. You have a solid amount of _____________ and _____________ intimacy

7. You ________________ each other

8. You have _________ together

9. You know how to _____________ in ways that bring you together when the _________ ________

10. You are both ____________ sensible

11. You go out of your way to do ____________ ____________ for each other

12. You know how to get through the _______________ rough patches that happen

13. You are ___________ ______________ committed to each other’s happiness