Chapter 17 part 2: Healthy Marriage: Falls in Love

Hurting Marriage: Runs Away

Heartfelt Marriage Podcast 062

Posted August 3, 2018

By Ron Ross

There are four ways you magnify your love relationship and rise together in love! Two of them were shared in podcast number 61. They are: delight in each other’s company – become each other’s very best friend, and liberate your mate – help them get past the bad stuff of the past and become all that God wants them to be. It was Part One of chapter 17 – the final chapter of Dr. Ross’s Healthy Marriage/Hurting Marriage series.

In this final podcast for the series, Dr. Ross presents two additional ways you keep love alive in your marriage and magnify your love relationship. The third way is to Forgive each other’s foibles. Dr. Ross says, “Of all the gifts you can give to your mate, one of the best is the gift of forgiveness.”

The fourth way may surprise you – it’s something you may have never considered, so be sure to listen to the podcast all the way through.

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