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Heartfelt Marriage Podcast 097

Posted on July 10, 2019

By Ron Ross

“What would you think if I called you zany?” Recently, Dr. Ross asked a group of people to each write their answer on a card. They all thought it was a compliment. They wrote, “Positively crazy, unconstrained by conventions of behavior or thought.” Another wrote, “Out of the ordinary, quirky,” and another, “Weird in a lively way,” and, “Outrageous and fun.”

“To learn more about the zany Trisha Trixie – click on her photo.”

In this special podcast, Dr. Ross tells about a lady named Trisha who he describes as zany. He also will tell you of life-threatening personal health battles she continues to fight while maintaining her positive zany personality.

This recording was first used as part of Dr. Ross’s weekly one-hour Sunday morning radio show on 1310KFKA – AM radio in Greeley, Colo. (11 am until Noon) He uses the radio show to talk about a variety of subjects, including marriage and personal growth. This segment of a recent show was something he thought you would enjoy. It’s less than six minutes long and fun to listen to.