Marvelous Romance

Heartfelt Marriage Podcast 088

Posted on February 08, 2019

By Ron Ross

When children arrive in a marriage, priorities change, focus shifts, hand-holding turns into hand wringing, and sweet kisses turn into swift pecks on the cheek. Erotic encounters turn into repetitive intersecting. Tedium replaces erotica. Saving money overrides spending money. Boredom and bedlam, frustration and fear, confusion and concern overwhelm. Passion is replaced by parenthood.

So many responsibilities – no time for US.

It’s time for an intervention. It’s time to learn how to have kids and to have a great marriage. Hubby? It’s time for you to take leadership and learn how to romance your children’s mother.

In this fun podcast, Dr. Ross offers four suggestions to help you romance your children’s mother. His recommendations are gleaned from having had at least one child present in his home for over twenty years.

Of all the responsibilities you have as a husband and father, this is one of the easiest things to do – to romance your children’s mother. Give it a try for a month or two – or for that matter, give it your best effort for the rest of your lives together. Start by listening to this podcast!

When love is given and received, the lovers glow, and the love grows.

The podcast is 10 minutes long.

Photo credit: Alexander Dummer – Unsplash