Healthy marriage: accepts responsibility

Hurting marriage: blames the other

Chapter 7: Healthy or Hurting Marriage

Heartfelt Marriage Podcast 051

By Ron Ross

“Why is it always my fault when something goes wrong?”Blaming in marriage is a dangerous and love-snuffing game. It is a difficult behavior to deal with because every spat quickly turns into a debate about who did what and why and whose fault it was. When blame is the name of the game, there is seldom a time, place or desire to face the reality of the situation and seek a long-lasting solution. Blame your mate, and you will never solve a problem or strengthen your marriage. You will, however, increase your chances of spending an inordinate amount of money on a divorce attorney who will exploit your “irreconcilable differences.” You don’t want that to happen.

Whenever you make a mistake you have two choices: admit or blame. For some reason, it’s easy to blame others and darn hard to declare, “I screwed up! It’s my fault, I apologize.”

In this Podcast, Dr. Ross provides you with six components of a sincere apology – listen to them, write them down, and employ them so your marriage will be kind, resilient, and loving.

The Podcast is 9 minutes long.