Heartfelt Marriage Podcast 083

Posted on January 05, 2019

By Ron Ross

Responsibility is two-words in one: “response” and “ability.” That’s what Dr. Ross discusses in this podcast. He points out that some really good stuff happens to people who take responsibility for their lives. When you’re in charge of you, you create your own fortune – your own vocation – your own calling.

When you blame others, you forfeit your future and surrender your life to being the perpetual victim, the sorry Sam or the miserable Mary for whom nothing good ever happens.

Who do you blame for your screw-ups? If you take personal responsibility for the state of your affairs, you’re a gem of a person. Keep up the good work – the world needs more people like you, individuals who don’t blame their mother or the weather or the government or their mate for whatever goes wrong in their lives.

For a more harmonious home, for a more loving relationship with every member of your family, whenever you make a mistake, admit it – take personal responsibility, then apologize for it, then fix it, and make it right.

When you do, you’ll go from being the smallest and weakest person in the room to the greatest and most influential.