Chapter 15: Healthy Marriage: Binds Wounds

Hurting Marriage: Pours Salt

Heartfelt Marriage Podcast 059

By Ron Ross

Many husband/wife relationship problems occur, not as a result of words or deeds that happen after the wedding ceremony, but the effect of injuries that came during childhood, adolescence, and some bad choices made along the way. Some of our wounds are so deep they are hidden from our view until someone, or we identify them and seek healing.

The good news is healing is possible! We can clean out the wounds, sew up the emotional laceration, let the cut heal. It may leave a scar, we may even be emotionally blemished, but we can still be the person God wants us to be.

What’s your wound? Where do you hurt? What caused your scars? In your marriage, are you helping each other heal?

In this podcast, Dr. Ross says, “Your mate is wounded. You too have wounds. And so the mission for each of you is to help each other find healing for those wounds.”

The podcast is on 9 minutes long.

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