Marriage: From Marginal to Marvelous

Heartfelt Marriage Podcast 068

Posted September 14, 2018

By Ron Ross

The word harmony has a variety of meanings. For many, harmony refers to music – a word that refers to notes of instruments and the sounds of voices blended for music that is pleasing to the ear. In the dictionary, the musical meanings of harmony are second to its reference to human relations – to agreement, cooperation, and tranquility.

Apply those three words to your marriage: agreement, cooperation, and tranquility. Sound good to you too? Then listen to this podcast for Dr. Ross’s list of things married couples do to live in agreement, cooperation, and tranquility!

In podcast #67, Dr. Ross gave two of the three purposeful acts you take so you can have a marriage marked by harmony, beautiful proportion, and balance (he calls it emotional symmetry). The first purposeful act you take is to Treat each other equally. The second purposeful act you can take to create harmony, beautiful proportion and balance in your marriage is to Express emotions proportionately. In this podcast, purposeful act #3, is – Practice interpersonal harmony.

The podcast is 9 minutes long.