Healthy marriage: exercises patience

Hurting marriage: expresses irritation

Heartfelt Marriage Podcast 053

By Ron Ross

“I just want a little peace and quiet!” screamed a young mother. The problem is, children take time to grow up. Not only that, relationships take time to mature, troubles take time to resolve, and opportunities take time to develop.

Life never moves at the pace we prefer. Sometimes it moves so slowly we think time has stopped. Then next week or next month or next year, it moves so fast we spin out of control. “What is going on?” we cry. “Why can’t things happen as I want them to?”

We need patience. Don’t you just hate that word? Who wants to be told to “hold your horses,” or “wait your turn,” or “don’t be in such a hurry!”

However, you’ve probably noticed, in marriage, patience is required. That’s what Dr. Ross talks about in this podcast. Marriage, says Dr. Ross, is the one relationship that takes more time to mature than all others.

When it does mature, sweet it is; how together you feel; how at home you want to be. Have patience: He will become the husband you’ve always wanted. She will become the wife who meets all your needs.

(c) 2018 Dr. Ronald D. S. Ross