Chapter 2: Marvelous Perspective

Heartfelt Marriage Podcast 065

Posted August 24, 2018

By Ron Ross

Once married, emotional and real picket fences tend to box in even the most creative and life-loving couples. Suddenly or slowly, usually slowly, life gets complicated. Your world changes from being vast and interesting and colorful, to small, monotonous, and even disagreeable. You go from the joy of the wedding to the predictability and dreariness of everyday life.

How do you keep that from happening or correct it when it does?

Dr. Ross says it’s a matter of perspective. In this podcast he shares two personal stories that make the point that we see precisely what we look for.

He also asks, is your home peaceful or angry? Do you believe tomorrow will be dark or bright? What about your daily schedule, do you see it as chaotic or orderly?

Perspective, Dr. Ross says, is what makes the difference. You’ll love this podcast because you already know that married life is darn hard to keep in the right perspective.

The podcast is 9 minutes long.