Healthy Marriage: Looks Forward

Hurting Marriage: Looks Backward

Heartfelt Marriage Podcast 049

By Ron Ross

If I asked you to describe the changes you have endured (or celebrated) over the years of your marriage, you would have a variety of stories to tell – some good – some bad – most, inevitable. Everyone does.

In this podcast, Dr. Ross reminds you that when change happens, you have two choices: to look backward or to look forward.

When you look back, you focus on what went wrong. When you look forward envision what you can do right. The past contains pain and regret. The future contains options and hope.

It’s OK to look back, but don’t look long. Instead, look forward; look longingly forward. What do you want your marriage to be? What do you want your children to become? Where do you want to go in life? What has God placed in your heart as your mission to make this world a little better?

The podcast is 10 min. long.