A Healthy Marriage: Seeks solutions to problems

A Hurting Marriage: Whines and makes excuses

Heartfelt Marriage Podcast 048

By Ron Ross

The easiest thing to do on earth is to whine, complain, and make excuses. Most complaints start with, “Why do you always …” or “Why can’t you ever …” or “You drive me crazy every time you …” And it can quickly get real nasty.

What good does it do to moan and make excuses? Not much. Misery is the only consequence of whining and complaining.

In this podcast, Dr. Ross says, “The day you become a problem solver is the day you become an adult. Three-year-olds whine and make excuses. Adults see problems and solve them.”

A healthy marriage seeks solutions to problems while a hurting marriage whines and makes excuses. Which do you have? Which do you want?

The podcast is 9 minutes long.