Marriage: From marginal to marvelous

Heartfelt Marriage Podcast 081

Posted December 14, 2018

By Ron Ross

From Dr. Ross:

I have officiated at over 300 marriages. In the process, I noticed that many brides and some grooms think it’s like they are in a Hallmark movie.

Dr. Ross is officiating at a garden wedding.

The bride thinks the guy she’s in love with is Mister Perfect, her long-awaited soul mate, the kindest most generous most loving man she’s ever met. She thinks.

And the guy thinks something similar – she’s beautiful, she’s kind, and not only that, she likes me! What more could a guy want? He wonders.

Then they get married. The bride soon learns Mr. Perfect, isn’t perfect – he’s flawed. The groom finds out his bride is not the fantastic figure of feminine flawlessness he thought he married.

How is it that two people so in love with each other can one day wake up, look at the person lying in bed with them and wonder, “who is that woman, next to me?” or “Who is that stranger I let into my bedroom?”

The problem is EXPECTATIONS. That’s what this podcast is about – what each mate expects out of their marriage and how to deal with their differences. Want to be closer to each other? Listen to this podcast!

The podcast is 9 Minutes long.