Healthy marriage: seeks wisdom

Hurting marriage: favors folly

Heartfelt Marriage Podcast 055

By Ron Ross

One sign of an unhappy marriage is a long list of bad choices. Wisdom knows the difference between right and wrong; folly doesn’t care. Wisdom knows when a choice is good or bad, folly figures you can clean up the mess later. Wisdom knows the dramatic difference between truth and delusion; folly rather enjoys the ignorance.

You don’t want to be famous for your folly. You want to make good choices, create a healthy happy household, understand the deep wants and needs of those you love the most. You want insight into each soul, astuteness in each decision, and unconditional love to be given and received within your marriage.

In this podcast, Dr. Ross helps you create a marriage marked by wisdom – by good choices and fewer missteps.

The podcast is less than 9 minutes.