Healthy marriage: expects success

Hurting marriage: assumes failure

Heartfelt Marriage Podcast 052

By Ron Ross

The Law of Expectations states that our imaginations, thoughts, and emotions, whether positive or negative, have a powerful influence on our mind-body connection and impact the people around us and the events of our daily lives. Stated simply: What you expect to happen usually happens. Expect to succeed, and you succeed; expect to fail, and you fail. The Law doesn’t care whether you expect good or bad, it works either way to increase the odds that you will get what you expect.

In this podcast, Dr. Ross applies the Law of Expectations to marriage. He asks, “How long do you expect to be married to your spouse? If you both answer, a lifetime, you will likely one day celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary.” On the other hand, he points out if you think, “my parents divorced, my mate’s parents divorced, I wouldn’t be surprised if we too drifted apart,” you will likely end up in divorce court because the law does not care.

Dr. Ross gives you some practical ways to use the Law of Expectations to improve the connection you have with your mate, children and all the people around you. He says, “Since the Law works, you might as well use it to YOUR advantage and improve the quality of your daily life.”

This podcast is very practical and worthy of your close attention. It’s is 10 minutes long.