Marriage: From Marginal to Marvelous

Heartfelt Marriage Podcast 071

Posted October 05, 2018

By Ron Ross

Besides, “I love you,” the greatest message you can give to your mate is, “We’re in this together no matter what.” That kind of declaration, that kind of commitment, gets you away from blaming, or arguing, or neglecting, or ever running away when things go bad.

If your family hasn’t been thrown off balance by tragedy, mistakes, or misfortune, watch out. It’s likely to happen in one way or another, today or tomorrow … ready or not. For some, it will ruin their marriage. For others, it will cause long-term pain and sorrow. For some, it brings unforeseen opportunities.

How do you get past the inevitable events of life that knock you off balance? In this podcast, Dr. Ross gives you four positive healing reactions that will help you survive the losses and sorrows your marriage is bound to face.

Wherever happens in life, make sure that you and your mate are in it together. When both of you commit to having a mutually satisfying, emotionally healthy ‘til death do us part kind of marriage, even when things go terribly wrong, you can take your marriage from marginal to marvelous.