Marriage: From Marginal to Marvelous

Heartfelt Marriage Podcast 079

Posted November 30, 2018

By Ron Ross

What does it mean to be content?

Dr. Ross answers the question with two fascinating stories – one is about the time he moved his young wife and two toddler children to Africa. When they arrived, all they owned were the clothes in their suitcases. This experience taught them what contentment was all about.

A second story he tells is about a recent visit he had to the home of a very wealthy family (mom, dad and 2 kids). They had every toy and every convenience imaginable. Were they content? You might be able to guess the answer, but you will enjoy Dr. Ross’s story of his visit and how it applies to life.

In this podcast, Dr. Ross defines contentment like this: It is the feeling you get when you realize the stuff you have is just about all the stuff you’re going to need.

The podcast is 10 minutes long.