Podcast 025 – Bad Marriage Advice: Don’t Keep Score

By Ron Ross

A recently divorced husband or wife says, “I don’t know what happened, he (or she) just blew up, screamed like a howling monkey, and stalked out the door. In a few weeks I got a registered letter from an attorney, and a few months later we were in divorce court.”

One (and maybe both) people in that relationship kept score of all the bad stuff that happened between them. That is the kind of scorekeeping someone means when they advise a married couple, “Don’t keep score.” and of course, they are giving good advice as keeping a record of wrongs deteriorates any relationship.

There is a right way to keep score, and that’s what Dr. Ross wants you to learn to do. He wants you to unlearn the idea of keep score of the bad things that happen and instead learn the optimistic, constructive, and love-lifting way to keep score in your marriage.

Listen to this 10-minute podcast and learn to keep score of what’s good.