The Efficacy of Marriage Part 1

The cash cost of a wedding is one thing – the long-term value or worth of marriage is something else entirely. In this and the following podcast, Dr. Ross asks, “Given the high cost of a wedding and the increasing chances of divorce, is marriage worth it?”

His answer, not surprisingly, is YES! He talks about the power and pleasure of two, you know, the excitement you had when you were courting! You never wanted to be alone, right?

He also talks about how being married benefits your children and gives them significant social, economic, and personality advantages. He shares some very startling statistics to prove his point.

In the following podcast (Podcast 012) you will hear him talk about the financial and health advantages married people enjoy that creates an all-around sense of peace and contentment.

You will be encouraged and delighted with Dr. Ross’ positive view of marriage that comes from a lifetime of wise observations enhanced by his 52-years and 4-months of marriage to the same lovely lady.