God Created Sex to be Exciting, Meaningful & Exclusive

We live in a culture of explicit, unrestrained sexuality that invades every aspect of our daily life. The world portrays sex as an everyday social activity that happens quickly and frequently between couples who have no particular intention for a long-term relationship. It is nearly always presented as breathtaking, mutually satisfying, and guiltless.

God created sex to be just that: breathtaking, mutually satisfying, and guiltless. But the world has corrupted the place of and reasons for sexual activity. The world leaves out the two most remarkable aspects of sex: that it is to be meaningful and exclusive.

In this podcast, Dr. Ross discusses God’s primary purpose for marriage which is to instruct us about His most important characteristic, love.

Dr. Ross speaks from the viewpoint of a lifetime marriage (52 years and four months) to his teenage bride. The podcast is approximately 10 minutes. You can purchase Dr. Ross’ book “Seven Assumptions about Marriage” on Amazon.com.