Podcast 019: Every relationship has rules – including marriage relationships!

As a preschooler, I was shocked to discover the world did not revolve around me! It took me awhile, but when I finally learned the rules of relationships my life got a lot better. I was happier, and so was everyone around me!

Is it possible you still have some of that preschooler mentality that YOU are the center of the universe, and all of God’s creation is here to serve you? I have news for you: you’re not, and they’re not.

Every relationship has rules – including marriage relationships, and including YOUR marriage relationship. You can have the happy marriage you long for if you and your mate follow some simple yet profound relationship rules!

In this podcast, Dr. Ross reveals his “The Ten Commandments of Marriage” based on his 52-years and 4-months love affair with his wife. Listen in and let him know what you think about this brief (less than 9 minutes), but helpful podcast.

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